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Latest Technology

Select Master   New Product 
  • Orients nuts before they reach the feed head, regardless of initial orientation.
  • Specifically designed to prevent errors with difficult to feed piloted/sealing nuts.
  • Available for use on other nuts shapes/sizes. Please inquire for more information.
  • 100% successful selection rate.
 Available Feeder Type: Air Rod Feeder, New Feeder Mate

Air Rod Feeder MINI
  • Flexible poistioning: The selector can be mounted over a Light Frame Welder with the shooting unit behind of the frame.
  • Saves floor space and frees up work space around a weld gun.

  • The selector and control box can be separated. The selector can be placed near the welder, while the control box can be kept outside of the cell.
  • Multiple seletors can be lined up in a row for added efficiency.
 Available Feeder Type: Air Rod Feeder, New Feeder Mate

Simple Nut Detection Device
  • Large nuts get rejected in the selector while smaller nuts are expelled and caught at the feed head.
  • Simple and easy design.
 Available Feeder Type: Air Rod Feeder

Additional Nut Types now available for The New Feeder Mate
  • The New Feeder Mate can now feed hex nuts, flanfe nuts, and round nuts along with standard square nuts.
  • Consider "NFM" when Takt time is a large concern.

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